Type Dimensions Personalization

20-90mm (PVC/PET)

25-75mm (ALC)


Hot foil stamping

Printing (4 colours)

Embossed top

Easy Openning System

There are several possibilities of decorative and warranty capsules for wine bottles, being variable the material, shape, design, color and ornamentation and costumization of each capsule. The materials used for these capsules are: PVC, Polylaminate, and PET.

All our capsules are developed to respond to the needs of each client and their application equipment and capsuling, designed to ensure a good fit to the bottle to obtain the best final aesthetic result.

The decoration of the capsules is achieved by printing the film using a rotogravure process, with matt or gloss finish, as well as stamped with hot foil. These capsules can integrate an easy-opening system through the use of perforations and / or tear tab, vertical or horizontal.