Type Dimensions Personalization




Printing (4 colours)

Protective plastic top

Easy Openning System

Sequential numeration and encoded

Being Cápsulas do Norte the creator of the sealing solution of the valves of gas cylinders with shrinkable PVC and with a vast experience in this type of product, the company holds a significant and diverse portfolio in this type of product.

Dimensions and shapes of these products can vary substantially, from the smallest capsules for small valves to larger capsules to be applied to the biggest gas bottles/cylinders. The material used in the production of these capsules is PVC for its exceptional ability to shrink.

Cylinders and valves for which it is requested a capsule are subjected to an exhaustive study because the capsule is developed in its function and according to customer's requirement always seeking to provide tamper evidence.

The PVC film can be printed and the capsules can integrate easy opening systems through perforations and tear tab as well as sequential numbering and encoded. It is possible to add a protective plastic cover on top of the capsules as an additional safety feature.