Cápsulas do Norte is headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia, and focuses its business on the manufature and commercialization of heat shrinkable warranty capsules for bottles of wine, spirits and other wine-related drinks, olive oil and bottles/cylinders/valves of gas. The cutting edge technology and design, production flexibility and the quality of supply available to the client have always been the crucial aspects to consolidate its position in the market. After more than twenty-five years since its foundation, Cápsulas do Norte is a reference in the setor in which it operates, either in the internal market or in the international context. The company’s Client list covers the entire national territory extending to other international markets such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Angola, Sweden, Finland, Mozambique, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Norway. In the base of the success of the business project pursued by Cápsulas do Norte is the vast technical expertise of its employees. To this technical knowledge is associated a corporate culture which is very open to change and continuous technological and organizational modernization, aiming to improve the reality of the company to the latest development trends of the industry and markets in which it stands.
  • Service quality oriented and organized structure, created to serve you in a quick, secure and very professional way.

  • Market Leader company with national and international projection, in the production and marketing of capsules for all types of products.

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