» Material thickness PET 75µ AL 40µ
» Dimensions 20-90mm Ø20-50mm
» Hot Foil Stamping yes yes
» Rotogravure Print yes yes
» Emboss yes
» Easy Opening System yes

PET Capsules are warranty capsules that have a body in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and an aluminum (AL) top disc.

The PET film used in this type of capsules is heat shrinkable, and it is this feature that gives this product certain flexibility in its application. It is possible to develop this type of product to be applied in many different bottles, jars, and other valves, since the ability to shrink allows adjustment to significant varied diameters without compromising the function of the capsule.

The PET emerges in the world of capsules produced in plastic material as a more environmental friendly solution as its composition eases the recycling process.

As for customization and decoration, these can also be varied, both in terms of type of finish and the integration of easy opening system through perforated and/or tear tab.

The material can be printed using the rotogravure process with a maximum of four colours, and can also be stamped using hot foil (two colors simultaneously). The printing and stamping can be applied in the body and the top of the capsule, however, it is also possible to use relief in the top disc that can be painted and/or hot foil stamped.